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Clean Water to Ecuador from Farifield

April 8, 2018 / admin / Ecuador - Apatug, Ecuador - Ongota, Ecuador-Tambayacu

In January 2018, Don Morrison traveled to Quito, Ecuador carrying 50 water filters, each capable of filtering 1 million gallons of water removing 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa which cause a variety of water borne illnesses.  He teamed up with Caitlin McGuire who is the Director of Development for the Center for Working Families in Quito.  Together, with members of her team, they purchased 5-gallon buckets and connected the filters to be distributed to families who do not have access to clean drinking water.

With the help of some students from LeMoyne College who were doing service work for the Center, we went to the outskirts of Quito.  There we distributed some of the filters as well as educated families on how to use and care for these filters.

One family we visited with had a young daughter who contracted Hepatitis A 18 months earlier with the likely reason being the family sourced their water from a stagnant pond.  Caitlin and her team will distribute the remaining filters to other families in the rural areas who don’t have access to clean water. These filters were made possible by the funds raised during the Fairfield Clean-up Day 2017 and those who have directed to contribute a percentage their spending on Amazon to Humanity Now, at no cost to the individual.

The Center for Working Families in Quito was founded in 1964 by a Jesuit priest, Father John Hlligan S.J., looking to give shoeshine boys a safe place to sleep and eat in the attic of a church.  The Working Families Center has expanded their campus in the North of Quito and has helped over 30,000 individuals that have walked through their doors.

The Center hosts many high school and university groups that travel to Ecuador and volunteer their time to teach classes, work on construction projects or help in any way they are needed.  In addition to working with the students from LeMoyne College, there was a group from Fordham University at the Center and just one-week earlier students from Fairfield University were visiting.

Want to help with the 2018 effort on April 22? Check out the details here.

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