13 Nov.

Picturing Family: Visions of Africa / Bridgeport CT

6:30-9:30 City Lights Gallery 203-292-1518

Photos displayed Nov. 13 – Dec. 3, 2015. Opening Party Nov. 13.
View stunning photography by West African teen girls who work as event and portrait photographers in their village in The Gambia  The income earned enables them to afford to stay in school and expand their options in life. The theme is “Family: However you Define It,” and presents personal, touching images only possible through the unique vision of the girls. Their success is a testament to what people can achieve when given the chance.


Join us at the free opening celebration where Gambian experts describe the culture. Enjoy a drum performance from West African drummer Waly Thaim, and sample traditional Gambian cuisine. Connecticut photographer Shelley Cryan will also be on hand to describe how she launched the program to train the girls with the skills needed to run their businesses, and how the program has impacted the community. The photo program is part of an overall after-school enrichment program run by Starfish International.The event is sponsored by local nonprofit Humanity Now.


from Oliviere