22 April

Fairfield Clean-Up Day on Earth Day, April 22

Fairfield, CT 203-256-0353

Join Humanity Now for Fairfield Clean-up Day on Earth Day April 22, 2017

Students, residents, and community groups will work together cleaning up areas around town picking up trash, cleaning underpasses, and other areas on Saturday morning, April 22nd.   Areas will include, but not be limited to, the train stations, athletic fields, highway underpasses and playgrounds.  Volunteers are encouraged to adopt pre-designated areas, or join existing groups of volunteers.  

Prior to and during the clean-up Humanity Now will be raising both awareness and donations to support bringing clean water to the underdeveloped world. Proceeds from the recycling of cans and bottles between now and Earth Day will be used to buy water filters for a partner community in Ecuador.  Aquarion has generously offered to match the receipts turned into the service desks at area Stop & Shops during that time.  Each $35 water filter purchased is capable of turning one million gallons of river water into clean, drinkable water, removing the risk of diseases like cholera and typhoid.

To date we have pledges to provide 29 million gallons of clean drinking water to those in need.

Wristbands will be given to volunteers which will be good for discounts at local restaurants and businesses the first week of May 2017.  Also, there will be a prize for the most unusual item in addition to other raffle items for volunteers.