18 April

Photo Show & Symposium: Juniata College

Juniata College, Huntingdon PA

Advancing African Girls Education and Empowerment (AAGEE)

April 18-20, 2016

In the Wolof language the word “aagee” means to deliver a message or to make reach.  During the gathering we will explore new ways to network and deliver the message that education is of critical importance for African girls.  During the three day working conference participants will be have the opportunity to learn about existing education and empowerment activities offered in support of African girls.  Participants will have the opportunity to join with existing activists to support existing programs.  Participants can also explore grant opportunities to create new support activities to promote education for African girls. This conference will deliver the message that the lives of African girls can be improved through education. 
The gathering is designed to help individuals, groups and organizations with an interest in promoting educational access for girls in Sub Saharan Africa.  The goal of this conference is to provide opportunities for collaborative development of programs designed to support the educational empowerment of African girls.

Humanity Now’s president will participate in a panel discussion, and our traveling photo show will be on display at Juniata’s Beeghly Library throughout the conference. The show will feature the work of teen girls from The Gambia, who run photo businesses so they can afford to stay in school and achieve financial independence. The girls are part of an after-school enrichment program run by Gambian-led Starfish International.

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