Milford, CT

Students at Lauralton Hall, a private girls’ school in Milford CT, have become fast friends with students in The Gambia‘s Starfish program.

Through frequent Skype sessions, they’ve discovered books loved by students in both places, compared favorite — and not so favorite! school subjects — and learned about each others’ daily lives.

When the Lauralton students heard the Gambian students lacked computers, they made a school-wide call for computers people would be willing to donate. They received nearly 40, and one of the dads, along with his daughter, a Lauralton student, made sure they all worked great before shipping them to The Gambia. Humanity Now’s president was in The Gambia to receive them and set them up with help from volunteers there.

Every once in a while, Lauralton students are allowed to wear “regular” clothes instead of their uniforms, as long as they donate funds. Recently they dedicated all funds collected to go to their friends at Starfish, in The Gambia.

Lauralton students also participated in Humanity Now’s Bridgeport installation of the  traveling photo show.