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Clean Water: 70 Million Gallons from Fairfield to Ecuador

April 8, 2018 / admin / Ecuador - Apatug, Ecuador - Ongota, Ecuador-Tambayacu, Updates

This past January, Humanity Now board member Don Morrison personally delivered water filters to a community in Ecuador, made possible by donations from our 2017 Earth Day Clean-Up event in Fairfield, CT. Big thanks to all who helped!


In 2009 the two geography middle school teachers, who founded the Ludlowe Corps, decided to expand their studies and service work to another region of the world.  Ecuador offered the opportunity to study a country with a wide range of biodiversity.  Also, despite having one of the larger supplies of clean water per capita of any countries of the world, there was a lack of clean water available to many of the countries’ indigenous people.

Through a contact at Map International, a village in the Napo Region of Ecuador was identified as being in need of clean water.  In 2010, members of the Ludlowe Corp headed to Ecuador with water filters which had the capacity to supply the 40 families the village with 40 million gallons of potable water.   Upon a return trip the following year, two current board members of Humanity Now saw firsthand the positive results access to clean water provided to families in the village.

In 2010, MAP Ecuador team chose 5 communities to participate in a field trial for Sawyer Point ZeroTWO water filters.  With proper care, these filters can filter over 1 million gallons of water removing 99.9997% of harmful bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.  The results showed decreases in the incidences of diarrhea, fever, and stomachaches from 4 times per month to 1 time per month.  This represents a savings of $30-40 in treatments and visits to the doctor.

Additionally, water consumption of the residents had improved from a maximum of 3 liters per day to 7 liters per day.  The adults felt that their health had improved because diseases related to low consumption of water like, muscle pains, problems with their kidneys, headaches, etc… had diminished considerably.  The children under 1 year old also benefitted because the quantity and quality of milk had improved in mothers.

Since 2012, Humanity Now has continued to provide water filters to the people of Ecuador.  Most recently in 2018, Humanity Now delivered 70 water filters representing capacity of 70 million gallons of clean water to Ecuador, Haiti, and Puerto Rico.  This is equivalent to 106 Olympic size swimming pools of water.  Members of Humanity Now have continued to supply water filters to the indigenous people of Ecuador realizing it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

As the government of Ecuador continues to approve projects for wells to be dug in many communities, this doesn’t help the children, women and men of those communities where access to clean water remains today. The water filters address that need.

Click here to see the field study done by MAP International (Ecuador pages 9-11)


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