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Student Helps in Ecuador

October 7, 2011 / admin / Updates

My experience in Ecuador is one I will never forget. The most rewarding part of the trip was to helping the Ongota tribe. Knowing that we were able to make a difference really makes me feel good. We are so privileged and lucky to live where we live and have what we have, and it’s great that we were able to help those who don’t have those same privileges. Our group was able to provide water filtration systems and needed supplies after their community was devastated by a flood; the entire tribe was so appreciative. I will never forget this one young girl who, while everyone else was playing, was tending to her baby brother. I remember holding her baby brother for her, and she lit up and was so happy to just play with her friends, so happy to just be a kid. I will always remember and to this day continue to think of her. The trip was really life changing, and I will always cherish the time I spent there.


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